Top Marketing Trends of 2021 That Nobody Knows

You might be pumped up for strengthening and growing your business in 2021. Right? But there’s a catch if you are not aware of the marketing trends of 2021, then it could be challenging for you to win the battle. Your business’s growth depends on what kind of marketing strategy you will apply in your business this year. Therefore, we have created a high-quality blog for you so that you can get familiar with 2021’s marketing trends.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in.

3 Underrated Marketing Trends of 2021

1. Those Who Rely on Google Analytics Will Face Issues

All marketers use Google Analytics to know their visitors and check their website performance. Google Analytics is a good application to track your visitors. Still, it doesn’t work effectively with some methods such as affiliate marketing, webinars, virtual meetings, and others since you will use their own default tracker tools. For example, if you are using affiliate marketing to enhance your visitors and drive sales on your website, Google Analytics won’t be much helpful for you. It is only good for tracking organic traffic and the traffic you generate through social media and other pages.

Many users also use paid tools for tracking the performance of their websites, like Amplitude. However, if you rely only on Google Analytics, you won’t be able to effectively study your visitors. Therefore it is vital to utilize other tracking tools as well together with Google Analytics. However, this tool is still the king if you are going to track organic and referral traffic.

2. Marketers Will Do Voice Search Optimization, But it Won’t Affect Revenue

Nowadays, people are using voice search more than ever, and it likely to happen even more in 2021. According to a report, almost half of the internet users use voice search. Companies already know that, but they think that only optimizing for voice search will also enhance their revenue. Yes, they can achieve a better search ranking by optimizing for voice search, but that is not enough. If their products and services cannot be purchased via voice commands using a smart speaker, their hard work will be futile. Brands also need to make their websites or apps voice commands-friendly so that users can purchase products using voice commands.

There is a tool,, that can help you make your side functional with voice commands. Using this tool, you can make your website voice command friendly, and the users will be able to buy services and products from you using the voice commands alone. Isn’t it impressive?

3. Use Alternate Communication Channels of Emails

Emails are one of the best ways to drive sales and enhance brand awareness. However, people are nowadays ignoring marketing emails more than ever. Users get hundreds and tons of marketing emails on their accounts. That is why users have stopped paying attention to such promotional emails. Such emails make people frustrate rather than encouraging them. Ask yourself, how many emails do you read every day, especially the marketing ones? The emails you shoot daily to your potential buyers regarding your products and services will not influence them. So, paying more attention on email marketing in 2021 won’t be much productive. It would be better if you go for other communication platforms, like chatbots and so on.

These were some influential marketing trends in 2021 that we found relevant and practical. We hope you have enjoyed it too.

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