Wearables That Were Launched at CES 2021

Consumer Technology Associate every year organizes a trade show known as Consumer Electronics Show (CES). In the event, every year various companies participate and launch their new products and technologies. This year happened the same thing and a lot of companies launched various electronic products, but in this article, we will specifically look at the wearables launches. So here are some wearables that were launched at CES 2021.

Fossil Gen 5 LTE

Fossil Gen 5 LTE is basically an upgraded version of Fossil Gen 5. The smartwatch features solid specs, including Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 4100 chipset, a nice display, decent battery life, and great sensors. Additionally, it offers you a killer design and comes with a 45mm case. This smartwatch also has an LTE connection which means, you can respond to any calls or texts via this smartwatch. It is really a great fantastic wearable that you can get for $350.

SkagenJorn Hybrid HR

SkagenJorn Hybrid HR is a pretty decent hybrid smartwatch that provides you with a full e-ink display and physical hands that you can quickly adjust with a flick of the wrist. The watch lets you customize its display very easily, you can set various things on the display and can track all of them, including weather, calorie burn for the day, the date, and even the battery. Even the battery of the watch is solid and can last up to two weeks on a single charge. The built-in buttons of the watch are nicely fitted and you can easily click them. The SkagenJorn Hybrid HR smartwatch is available for $195.

Michael Kors Gen 5E: Darci and MKGO Variants

Michael Kors Gen 5E: Darci& MKGO are two classic smartwatches that come with two different designs. The Darci variant of the watch comes with a seven-link bracelet and stainless steel case, while the MKGO variant offers you a silicon strap and aluminum case. They both have sparkling bezels around their displays that look fantastic. Additionally, the wearables feature connected GPS instead of onboard GPS. The sensors in the watches are nice and capable enough to track cardio fitness levels as well as activity stats. You also get built-in speakers with the watches, so you will be able to make calls as well. They even include custom battery modes as well as NFC for Google Play. Both the watches are nice, the Darci variant is available in three different colors, while the MKGO variant is in four different colors, they are available for $350 and $250 respectively.

Honor Band 6

Honor Band 6 is an excellent fitness tracker that comes with a big 1.47-inch AMOLED display, which means you are not going to face any problem in reading notifications. The watch features a fantastic heart rate sensor, a battery life of up to two weeks, and 5ATM water resistance. The watch is capable enough to track steps, stress levels, sleep, and even menstrual cycles. Additionally, it boasts 10 workout modes and it can even detect six of them. This one is available at a very affordable price, it will cost you only $35.

Mudra Band

Mudra Band is an excellent band launched by Apple, yes it’s an Apple band. Well, it’s not a smartwatch, it’s basically a smart band that lets you control your smartwatch. It features Bluetooth connectivity and some sensors that basically read and transmit biopotential activity from your wrist to a Smartwatch in order to perform certain functions. In simple words, it reads your nerves and acts accordingly. You can customize this band to perform certain tasks when you do certain gestures. You can set a certain gesture to pick a call or snooze an alarm, and anything you want. It’s undoubtedly an excellent wearable that you can get only for $179.

Well, there are plenty of other wearables also launched at CES 2021, but we think the above-mentioned wearables are excellent and you should consider them for buying. That’s all for this article. Thank you for reading it. Have a nice day!

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