Shuuji Nakamura Challenges Tomozaki To Tackfam And Loses Every Single Match

Tackfam is a popular game in the world of Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki. In the latest episode 4, “Sometimes You Conquer a Dungeon Only to Find a Strong Boss In Your Village,” things get heated between class stud Shuuji Nakamura and Tomozaki.

Note: The following contains spoilers for Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki, Episode 4 by Yuki Yaku, Shinsuke Yanagi, Fumihiko Shimo, and Akane Yano.

Introvert people always had a hard time mixing with the rest of the world. They either wander off to empty lands, or they develop a skill for their survival. In the case of Tomozaki, he developed the skill of gaming.

According to Tomozaki, the game of life is cruel, and there are no strategies or shortcuts to win the game. While in the game of Tackfam, he is the number one player in Japan and rules all the gaming charts. Episode 4 deals more with Tomozaki opening up to his classmates, and he even confronts the two top-dogs, Konno and Shuuji Nakamura.

Yuzu Izumi invites Tomozaki to her house.

Yuzu Izumi wants Shuuji Nakamura to acknowledge her, and to do so, she teams up with the gloomy Tomozaki and learns to play Tackfam. According to the school rumors, Tomozaki can beat anyone in the game and get closer to Shuuji, a big fan of Tackfam; Yuzu invites Tomozaki to her house.

While explaining the game mechanics to Yuzu, Tomozaki fires up and presents a new confident version of himself. After learning the combos, quick reflexes, and character selection, Yuzu plans on reclaiming Nakamura’s attention.

But Nakamura’s planning other stuff too, and he is going head-to-head with Tomozaki to reclaim his position as the popular kid. Amid all the training, Nakamura brings Tomozaki into the classroom to win the game once and for all.

Nakamura challenges Tomozaki to a Tackfam match.

Tomozaki, who is currently seeking help from his classmate Hinami, is a pushover and bullied continuously for his gloomy appearance and lack of social skills. Hinami and Tomozaki regularly meet to discuss new methods for Tomozaki to win the game of life. But on his way to the meeting, Nakamura challenges Tomozaki for a match of Tackfam. As you have already guessed, Tomozaki defeats Nakamura multiple times, and he continues to reign over the rounds regardless of Nakamura’s constant efforts. While Nakamura’s knocked out numerous times, he insists that Tomozaki should sit quietly and play the game.

Tomozaki confronts Erika Konno

While searching for Nakamura, Erika Konno, and other girls, enter the classroom to see the two boys brawling it out in Tackfam. While watching them play religiously, Konno interrupts the game and calls it trash. She even mocks Nakamura for not winning a single round against Tomozaki and wasting time for a silly game. Nakamura sits there in shame that he wasted so much time to win just 1 round when Tomozaki won every one of them.

In the middle of all the bluffing, Tomozaki stands up to Konno and confronts her for calling Tackfam trash. He even calls Konno a worthless person who can never understand what hard work is and why people like Nakamura are better than her. This bravery act puts Konno to shame as Yuzu Izumi also joins in the conversation and appreciates the game and the hard work people put into their skills.


Aoi Hinami stands still as Tomozaki opens his heart for the first in front of his classmate. This act of rebelliousness puts Tomozaki in the center of the conversation, and people start appreciating his skills as a gamer. For the first time, she respects Tomozaki as she stands up to what he believes in and gives a factful reply to the students who disrespect hard work and Tackfam. While his words don’t affect Yuzu Izumi, Tomozaki earns the respect of other students, and while leaving, many students, including Nakamura, leave him alone with Hinami in the classroom. This outburst session paves the way for Tomozaki to complete his mission and defeat new bosses in the game called life.

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