The Top 5 Chatbots For WordPress In 2021

Autopiloting your customer service is not new. Hundreds of companies have been using chatbots to cater to their audiences globally. Providing extended support to your customers makes your business seamless and practical. You can rest assured that none of your customers’ queries are getting ignored by opting for a chatbot. In 2021, people are accepting technology as part of their everyday life. Here in this post, we’ll explain what chatbots are and how to use them for your business. Also, we are listing down the top 5 chatbots in 2021 for your WordPress website.

What are chatbots?

Any service or product-based businesses are requested to respond to customer queries. No matter how big your business is or much market capital you have, customers are the center of everything. Good customer service responds to everything a customer has to say, and it is apparent that without a steady CS team, your business is bound to fail. Here comes the chatbot, an Artificial Intelligence piece of software that automatically responds to every single query and gives pre-written suggestions to customers. This technology saves a lot of time and provides results as you’ve never seen before. Now that you know what a chatbot is let’s learn more about how it works.

How does a chatbot work?

As of right now, three types of chatbots cater to three types of customers. The most basic chatbots respond to customer queries using a specific algorithm, and the advanced AI-based chatbots use conversational language to engage customers like a real human being. The three types of chatbots are:

Support chatbots

These are the most basic kinds of chatbots, and they respond to specific sorts of instructions and lead customers to business processes. They also answer FAQ-type queries and respond using a systematic set of phrases and pre-written text.

AI chatbots

The AI chatbots respond to customer queries using a friendly tone, and more than often, they use conversational language and phrases that imitate humans. AI chatbots are not that common, and only a handful of businesses can pull them off.

Social media chatbots

Social media chatbots are standalone software of their respective proprietors. You can use these chatbots for your WordPress website and integrate a social media platform with your business.

The basic chatbots don’t provide custom chat options for customers, and they respond with a specific conversation style, which is not human-like and looks straightforward and flat. With the AI chatbots, you can ask any type of question, and it will use its deep learning and language processing to give a relatable solution to your queries. Moreover, you can use these chatbots to respond to customer queries with ease, and these chatbots make sure that the queries are resolved or passed on to an actual customer representative.

Five best chatbots for WordPress in 2021

Selecting a chatbot for your business can be confusing, and there are plenty of things to consider when opting for a chatbot. Here is a look at the five best chatbots for your WordPress website in 2021.

NinjaTeam Facebook Messenger for WordPress

The NinjaTeam Facebook Messenger for WordPress offers a seamless chatbot experience for your customers. You can easily install the plugin on your WordPress website and connect with your customers using Facebook Messenger. The best part about the plugin is the familiarity and ease of use for both your business and your customers.

The plugin automatically picks up the last conversation so that you can continue to solve queries without going in for another round of asking names and phone numbers. Though the chatbot needs some human assistance, the ease of service you get is unparalleled to other chatbots.

Flow XO

Flow OX is a more advanced AI-based chatbot that leads a conversation without dropping the ball. But you have to train Flow XO according to your business, and the training period can be tiring. If you are willing to sacrifice a few hours every day, Flow XO will handle the rest without any input from a real human being.

By using specific keywords, your customers can trigger Flow XO to streamline queries into simple one-liner questions and offer your pre-written solutions to people who are visiting your website. After manually setting up the code, you can program Flow XO to collect names, accept payments, help with account reset/deletion, and much more.

IBM Watson Assistant

IBM Watson Assistant is the coolest chatbot out there, and you can train it to fit your business requirement. It uses advanced algorithms and rich databases to respond to customers’ queries with utmost care and precision. Unlike many famous chatbots, which work by mimicking human conversational language, IBM Watson Assistant uses its vast resources to understand a message’s depth, ask for clarification, or connect the chat to a customer representative when needed.

IBM Watson Assistant uses natural language understanding (NLU) to improve itself with your website. By regularly training your chatbot, you can automate your customer service with AI-based conversation that sounds more human than humans themselves. Now, how cool is that?


HubSpot is a giant in the customer service sector. For those who are familiar with HubSpot’s CRM and how efficiently it integrates with your websites, chances are you already know about HubSpot’s chatbot builder. HubSpot uses complex algorithms to engage customers and leads them into a general query when a CSA is not present. The chatbots represent a quick and easy fix for your business. Without wasting thousands of dollars for every CSA in your company, you can autopilot the customer service and hire only a few of them.

After leading customers to a definitive query, the chatbot uses human conversational methods and connects the chat to an actual CSA. While the process seems complicated for first-time users, HubSpot makes it simple by providing an out-of-the-box chatbot that integrates with your WordPress website easily.

The number on our list of the five best chatbots for WordPress in 2021 is ChatBot. With drag and drop features, and out-of-the-box functionalities, you can effortlessly set up ChatBot, and before you know it, ChatBot will be running and providing solutions to your customers. Depending upon your business type, you can set up ChatBot to take bookings, sell products, give discount coupons, chat with customers like a pal, and even recruit people on your behalf.

You can use ChatBot without any coding experience, and it can be integrated into Facebook messenger, Olark, LiveAgent, and other major live chat softwares. You can always switch from chatbot to live chat, and by doing so, you can stay one step ahead of your business and provide excellent customer support to your customers from all over the world.


Chatbots are changing the customer service industry, and it is only a matter of time when chatbots will be able to do everything on their own. When the world moves towards chatbots, you need to upgrade your business to enjoy too. You can install any of the mentioned plugins into your WordPress website and automate your chat process instantly. Before opting for a chatbot, make sure you streamline your needs and budget to maximize your favorite chatbot software for your WordPress website.

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