HBO Max Releases the Trailer for Locked Down

Anne Hathaway and Chiwetel Ejiofor’s upcoming movie Locked Down’s trailer is out.

Doug Liman’s Locked Down is a romantic comedy heist movie written by Steven Knight. The film is scheduled to release in the United States on 14 January 2021 by HBO Max. The movie’s plot surrounds a quarreling couple who make peace by planning a heist at the department store Harrods during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alongside Hathaway and Ejiofor, the movie stars Mindy Kaling, Ben Kingsley, Ben Stiller, and Lucy Boynton in supporting roles. Initially, the movie title was Lockdown; however, later, the name changed to Locked Down. The project was announced in September 2020, and the cast joined the movie in October. In December, HBO Max acquired the rights to the film. The project was never intended to be released in theatres. However, it is the part of the Warner Bros. high-profile movies that would hit the streaming platform, HBO Max, for one month on the same day it would release in theaters.

The movie Locked Down’s trailer started with the couple Ejiofor and Hathaway dealing with the lockdown in London in their best possible way. The couple has a strained relationship, and the situation of living together for an uncertain period made the situation even worse. However, the trailer takes a quick turn, and the couple plans a heist. The character of Hathaway works at one of the big jewelry brands, Harrods. The couple plan to invade the security of the place and steal valuable things. The COVID-19 twist in the heist movie makes the project interesting.

As the COVID-19 pandemic is extending, more TV shows and movies are integrating it into their stories. Although, whether they are able to portray the stories well or not, that is a different topic to discuss. There are different streaming platforms like Hulu, HBO Max, and Netflix that have released COVID-19 based shows, including Love in the Time of Corona, Coastal Elites, and Social Distance.

However, Hathaway and Ejiofor’s Locked Down seems different and relatively fun. It is possible the movie might explore a different angle of the pandemic in the actual screenplay, but the trailer looks very lighthearted. Hopefully, the movie will do good business, and the audience will accept the new kind of heist film

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