5 Best iPhone Apps In 2021 That’ll Blow Your Mind

iPhones have a reputation for being ultra-expensive, and over the years, Apple broke the conventional norm with their new models that cost less and give more. While purchasing a new iPhone is just the tip of the iceberg, the app you use is the real deal, and how you use them defines your iPhone credibility. Here are the five best iPhone apps in 2021 that you should download today.


Splice is a professional video editing program for iPhone designed by Matt Aimonetti, and Steve Martocci in 2013. Over the span of eight years, Splice became the number one video editing app on the App Store with a 4.6 rating out of 5. Editing videos have never been so easy, and the new update, allows users to crop videos for a particular social media site like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Apple news

Journalism is a great way to grasp important news from around the world. To keep up with the rest of the world with your iPhone, Apple news is your go-to app. You can not only adjust your niche for reading news, you can also adjust the frequency of the articles from 100+ publications and magazines. Also, you can opt for the Apple News + for premium articles from the world’s leading newspapers like The Wall Street Journal, Houston Chronicle, and Miami Herald.


If you are keeping with the internet you might have heard of dating app Bumble. Through Bumble, you can find like-minded people in your area. Bumble encourages women to take the lead, and for every match, women have the time-limit of 24-hours to send the message, otherwise, the match will be nullified.


Yuka is an extraordinary app and it targets the health-conscious individuals who take proper care of their diet and the food they consume on a daily basis. Before you make a decision that Yuka is another calorie counting app, stop right there. Yuka is unlike any other app you’ve ever heard of, and its functions might surprise you. Yuka uses an in-camera app to scan products and gives you an approximation about the nutrition value, and it analyses a food product heath count and gives your recommendation based on the product. In 2021, Yuka is your best partner to eat healthy food and live a healthy lifestyle.

Otter Voice Notes

Otter is an AI-based speech-to-text app that records a conversation between two people and transcribes them, denoting the number of speakers and the pauses they take. If you are in an office meeting or taking an online class, Otter can take notes for you on your behalf. Just put your phone near the speaker and push the ‘record’ button to take easy notes without any pen or paper.


The year 2021 is a breath of fresh air, and what’s better than eating good food, meeting new people, and getting more work done. Let us know your favorite iPhone apps in the comment section below.

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